Thank you for purchasing ANNAPI. ANNAPI is LabVIEW Application Programming Interface (API) that includes a set of LabVIEW functions to deploy ANNHUB trained machine learning models to LabVIEW applications.  

Key features of the ANNAPI

      • ANNAPI does not require complicated machine learning design tasks, including design, train, evaluate, and verify a neural network model since they are handled in ANNHUB.
      • ANNAPI only contains four core functions that allow users to load the trained Neural Network model, perform prediction/classification tasks, and evaluate any new data sets.
      • ANNAPI supports feed-forward multiple-layer perceptron Neural Networks.
      • ANNAPI includes built-in utility functions that allow users to load a trained Neural network model from a file or a string constant.


The ANNHUB is the standalone machine learning design application that simplifies machine learning design tasks. The machine learning models designed in ANNHUB will be used in ANNAPI.

Key features of the ANNHUB

      • Easy to use: Does not require deep machine learning knowledge to design a neural network model. No coding is required in the five-step design flow.
      • Support advanced training algorithms: Scaled Conjugate Gradient, Levenberg Marquardt, Quasi-Newton, Bayesian Regularization (Bayesian Neural Network).
      • Support different types of activation functions and cost functions.
      • Support Confusion matrix, ROC curves, regression curves, performance metrics to evaluate the trained neural network model(s).
      • Easy to deploy trained neural network model(s) to different environments, including LabVIEW, LabWindow CVI, C, C++, C#, Swift, R, Java‚Ķ