After being installed, ANNAPI can be accessed via ANNAPI Function Palette that contains 2 sub palettes as shown bellows:

ANNAPI Function Palettes

Main palette

There are 4 main API VIs in the main ANNAPI Palette

- Create: That VI allows user to load/import a trained Neural Network model directly from a file (".ann" extension) or from a string constant containing structure information of the trained model.

- Predict: For given inputs, this VI always can predict the Neural Network outputs.

- Evaluate: This VI allows user to load test data-set to test the trained Neural Network prediction performance. The test data-set will contain input-target pairs.

- CleanUp: Clean up LabVIEW resource before exit an application.

Utility palette

This palette contains utility functions to help getting license content, generating a license file, and reading a license file to be used in Create function in main palette.

Use ANNAPI Function in LabVIEW applications

Step by step to show how to use ANNAPI Function in LabVIEW application can be found in ANNHUB help.