This VI is used to get the "License Content" that can be used in The license content file is also being generated in this vi.


UsePCID: If UsePCID= true, then the generated License Content will bind to the target PC. in this case the PC unique identifier will be checked to validate the correct license. With that license type, user can deploy as many applications in the same target PC. If the PCID = false, then the generated License Content will bind to the pre-trained weight. That means, with the same pre-trained weight, users can deploy the same application in mutilple targets. When user retrain the model, he/she needs to get new License Content.  

License File Path: The License Content will also be written into a  license  file for specified in License File Path. If the License File Path is empty, the "ANNLV.lic" in current directory will be used.

User Name: Valid user name that can be used to login the

Password:  Valid password that can be used to login the

error in(no error): describes the error status before this VI or function runs. The default is no error. If an error occurred before this VI or function runs, the VI or function passes the error in value to error out. This VI or function runs normally only if no error occurred before this VI or function runs.


License Content: This license content will be used to activate ANNHUB-LV functionalities in

Request License Information: If this host PC does not have internet connection, a Request License Content Information will be generated and instruction will be displayed to show how to get License Content from other PC with internet connection. More information, please visit ANNHUB help.

Status: This status indicate if the generation process is success (0) or not (-1). If the Status =1, that mean the target PC cannot connect to the ANSCENTER website due to the internet connection.

Please refer to the section to "Get license content wihout the internet connection" section for more information.

error out: contains error information. If error in indicates that an error occurred before this VI or function ran, error out contains the same error information. Otherwise, it describes the error status that this VI or function produces. Right-click the error out indicator on the front panel and select Explain Error from the shortcut menu for more information about the error.

Notes: For more information of how to get a license content using this, please visit ANNHUB help.